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Research Paper Topics on Nature

Animals, plants and the world around us make for fascinating research paper topics. Students have plenty to write about the astounding variety of life that surrounds us on planet Earth. If you are having trouble thinking about a topic for your nature-themed research paper, you need not look far to find something interesting to write about.

Animal Topics

  • Animals can be one of the most enjoyable research paper topics that you can choose. Consider writing about endangered animal species or species that became extinct long ago. You may even include dinosaurs in this category, if you have an interest in prehistoric creatures. Some animals are particularly bizarre and interesting, such as the angler fish, Komodo dragon and Malaysian exploding ant. You can write about the habitat these animals live in, what they eat and how they raise their young. If writing about an endangered animal, include ideas on what is being done to threaten the creature and how readers can help protect it. Select a strange animal or insect to write about, and you won't become bored while researching the topic.

  • Interesting Plants

  • You may not think that plants are as interesting as animals, but some plants have such strange features that you can't help but take a second look. Most people are familiar with weird plants, such as the Venus Fly Trap, which swallows insects whole. Choose an unfamiliar plant to write about, such as the Shy Plant, with leaves that curl up and fold inward when the plant is disturbed. Another bizarre plant is the Corpse Flower, which actually smells like rotting flesh. This odor is meant to attract scavenging animals looking for a meal, who then help to pollinate the flower. When writing about plants, you may write about where in the world they exist and how they grow, along with any other traits that make the plant special. You can focus on local plants, rain forest plants or strange plants around the world.


    Beautiful Natural Locations

  • Rather than write about only one animal or plant, you can select a beautiful location, and write about all of the life and sights it contains. For example, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, is full of animal and marine life. Also consider a location such as the Igauaza Waterfalls, which rest on the border between Brazil and Argentina. These waterfalls are often called the most beautiful in the world, a forest filled with plants and animals surrounds them.

  • Environmental Topics

  • If organic food, pollution and climate change is important to you, select an environmental topic about which to write. Environmental topics are often very connected to nature. For example, you can write about how pollution is affecting the environment and the creatures who live there. Deforestation is another topic that directly concerns both animals and plants. When trees are cut down and forests are cleared, many animals lose their homes, and plant life is lost in that area, perhaps permanently. Use your research paper as a way to explore a topic that interests you and that you are passionate about.

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